Construction Services

  • Piping/Fabrication/Installations
  • Demolition
  • Building & Steel Erection
  • Equipment Installations

Whether a project involves new construction, plant modifications, retrofits, or system maintenance and repair, by choosing Legner Energy Group you’ll benefit from these key factors:

  1. Safety is Legner Energy Group’s top priority and we do not compromise safety in favor of any other business objectives or project goals.
  2. Our experience provides the depth of knowledge to accurately estimate project costs and allows us to proactively manage project risks.
  3. We employ highly experienced, dedicated construction technology engineers and craft personnel whose in-depth knowledge is used to develop innovative lift plans, safe crane operating procedures, temporary construction supports, etc., to promote a safe and efficient outcome.
  4. Our supervision and on-site project support personnel actively share experiences and lessons learned across our full range of services and projects. This collective knowledge results in continuous improvement and a shortened learning curve.